Welcome to Danforth House!

A World In Miniature by Tom and Mary Stevenson

Mary and Tom Stevenson live in Montclair, Virginia, USA. Both have been involved in miniatures since about 2003 when Mary bought her first real "adult dollhouse" for $50 at an antique store in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Tom jumped on board to help with the construction and electrical. He founded "Tiny Town Electrical and Construction Company, Inc." (fictitiously as a joke for Mary) in 2004 and does all the odd-jobs for Mary's "little people's residences".

They enjoy showing off their works at local public events, such as the "Wee Christmas at Kenmore House" in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, where last year (2018) "Danforth House" and "Jane's Bakery" were on display from December 2, 2018 - January 15, 2019. "Danforth House" was voted as the "Fan Favorite" exhibit for the event!!

This year, Mary and Tom will have the "Federal House" on public display at the "Wee Christmas" at Kenmore event from December 7-30, 2019. Come visit and see some wonderful exhibits of miniature art and crafting skill! Great for kids of all ages!

You can find out more about this event here.