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A World In Miniature by Tom and Mary Stevenson

Welcome to Danforth House, a website dedicated to sharing with miniature enthusiasts everywhere the miniature doll houses, room boxes and miniature items created or collected by Mary Stevenson and her husband, Tom Stevenson. We're thrilled to share the work we've done to create, restore, improve and decorate these cherished treasures. We hope you will enjoy looking at them!

Mary and Tom have been collecting miniatures since 2003-ish, when Mary bought her first dollhouse for $50 from an antique store in Woodbridge, Virginia. That dollhouse was an assembled 9-room "Van Buren" style 1/12th scale house made from a kit originally manufactured by the Greenleaf Company, circa 1974 (we think). That house became "Danforth House", which took several years of painstaking work to reach its current state.

After relocating to Montclair, Virginia in 2004, Mary continued work on Danforth House and added another smaller dollhouse to allow for their grand-girls to actually play with. This became "Hadley's Playhouse".

Around 2011, the Stevensons became friends with CAPT Donald K. ("Deke") Forbes, USN (Ret) and his wife, Rosamond, who were nearby neighbors. Mrs. Forbes was also an avid dollhouse enthusiast. Mrs. Forbes health deteriorated and she passed away on March 6, 2013. CAPT Forbes, knowing how much his wife had cherished her dollhouses, gave them to Mary Stevenson, knowing that Mary would care for them as much as his dear wife Rosamond had. Rosamond's creations became "Federal House" and "Jane's Bakery"

Around 2016, Tom decided to build a 1/6th scale (1 inch = 0.5 ft) Natvity créche, which was fully outfitted with figures for Christmas 2017 - this is "Christmas Nativity".

In 2017, as a result of a contest advertised at the Hobby Builders Supply website, Mary purchased a Garage room kit, and began the design for "Joe's Garage", in honor of her father, Joseph E. Magee, Sr. late of Greenville, Maine. The garage is still a work in progress.

We hope you'll visit each of our miniatures creations, by clicking on the links in the Navigation Bar above, or on the pictures below. We've also included some helpful reference links and a place to leave feedback on what you thought of our website. We truly hope you enjoy seeing the pictures and descriptions of our little treasures!

Sincerely, Tom and Mary Stevenson

Danforth House

Danforth House by Tom and Mary Stevenson

Tom added a kitchen and a conservatory on either side of the main structure, cut out the old windows using a Dremel tool, and wired the entire house with two separate electical circuits.

Christmas Nativity

Christmas Nativity by Tom and Mary Stevenson

A 1/6 scale (1 inch = 1/2 foot) Christmas Nativity scene, with a créche built by Tom Stevenson.

Jane's Bakery

Jane's Bakery by Rosamond Forbes

A wonderful whimsical 1/12 scale (1 inch = 1 foot) single-room Bakery, set in the late 1890's, created by Mrs. Rosamond Forbes, and lovingly maintained by Tom and Mary Stevenson. The Bakery was named after the Stevenson's middle granddaughter, Jane Elizabeth Glidden.

Federal House

Federal House by Rosamond Forbes

In 2019, Tom and Mary lovingly restored Federal House , rewiring the electrical system, adding new lamps/lights, restoring the windows and outside decor and building a removable back wall to cover the wiring. The house will be on display for the Annual "Wee Christmas" Miniatures Exhibit at the Historic Kenmore House, 1201 Washington Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA, December 7-30 2019.

Joe's Garage

Joe's Garage by Mary and Tony Stevenson

A work in progress. This project really IS under construction, for real!